How We Work

Like Stars in a Constellation...

Beyond the horizon are countless stars.  Though we are lightyears away, we share a connection with them.  We see between their vast distances a cosmic collaboration filling the night canvas with visions of stories and ideas.  They open our eyes to a world of wonder, illuminating endless possibilities that one star alone could not achieve.  This is how we work:

Creative Collaboration

In a constellation, all stars work together to create an image.  Likewise, SkyGate Studios aligns its resources and experience with you to connect with and impact audiences.  Creative-Collaboration is more than a strategy, it’s our culture!


The purpose inspires the possibilities.


The possibilities align and connect.


The connection ignites into action.

From imagination to impact

Our creative process starts with puposeful imagination.  We first focus on “the why” of project, which attracts ideas and inspires the possibilities!  But even great ideas can be miles apart.  The ideas that align and connect most with the purpose reveals the story we should tell.  When the story conncects with the hearts and minds of audiences, the purposeful imagination comes full circle.  The connection ignites into action!  The passive viewer is transformed into active doer!

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