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The Christmas Tree Story (Short Film/Book Trailer)

The Summit Church

WHAT IF the Christmas Tree tells of a wonderful story… your story! A story of life and eternity, of dreams and brokenness, of faith and salvation!.

The Wasteland (Series Trailer)

Life Action Ministries

The 5 part mini-seiries was produced by Life Action Ministries, in partnership with Christian Cinema.

Like Arrows (Feature Film Trailer)


Like Arrows was a feature film produced by Alex & Stephen Kendrick as part of FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting™. SkyGate Studios created the theatrical trailers for the camapaign.

Red Courage (Short Film Trailer)


Based on a true story, “Red Courage” takes us back to 1942 over the Pacfic during World War II. It is a story about fear and courage through self-sacrifice.

The Orderly (Short Film Trailer)

Daniel Campbell

A Southern Gothic comedy set in the early 50’s about a timid orderly, Norville, that finds himself late for his first day of work and his first assignment: transporting two psychiatric patients.

The Jester (Short Film Trailer)

SkyGate Studios

Banished by the king, the Jester finds himself homeless and without a sense of purpose.

Masterpiece (DVD Trailer)

SkyGate Studios

This trailer showcases the features available on the Masterpiece DVD, including the short film, music video, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and exclusive documentaries.

The Little Acorn (Book Trailer)

SkyGate Studios

“The Little Acorn” is a story for the wide-eyed dreamer in us all. The e-book offers read-along narration with rich performances that will bring the characters to life!

Hark the Harold (Short Film Trailer)

The Summit Church

When Harold’s wife died just before Christmas one year ago, he hid away all her Christmas decorations and unopened presents. Ever since, Harold became absent as a father.


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