The Wasteland is a prodigal son story told in a post apocalyptic context.  This gripping allegory upacks a depth about today’s faith culture.  Paired with teaching and application, discover the story of a man who, after being knocked unconcious during an earthquake, awakens in an abandoned house with no memory of who he is, where he is or why he is there.  As he searches the house for answers, mysterious things begin to happen and his journey through the wasteland begins…

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The Wasteland: Mini-Series

The 5 part mini-seiries was produced by Life Action Ministries, in partnership with Christian Cinema.  The Wasteland was the distributor’s first foray into broadcasting episodic short film content LIVE on FaceBook.  Each episode was released one week at a time and is now available and

Episode 1: Awaken

In search of answers, the man with no memory explores the dilapodated house.  A broken place, he feels a deep connection and a deep fear.  There is an illusive meaning to all of this; a meaning the man must face.

Episode 2: Recognize

There are good memories and there are bad memories; this house is full of both… and someone hid them all away.  But something else stirs: the reason he came here.  Will he remember?  Does he really want to?

Episode 3: Turn

Hidden away in the dark, something is discovered: An invitation to return… but to what?  Is it a trap?  In a world of danger, the man with no memory is about to face his greatest fear:  knowing who he is.

Episode 4: Pray

Something unlocks:  A door unpassable.  A way undiscoverable.  A path that is narrow, but a path that is known by others who have wandered off course; who have lost their way like this man.

Episode 5: Unite

The journey through the wasteland begins… but it is a journey no one can make alone.  Are there others out there?  What will this man discover on the horizon?

What is YOUR wasteland?

Watch all the episodes and check out all the resources connected with the series including: application questions and a discussion guide. 

The Wasteland: Director’s Cut

“The Wasteland: Director’s Cut” combines all 5 episodes into one film experience.  The film version includes deleted scenes and new twists and removes the teaching segments so there is no stopping inbetween each part.  This reimagining is .  The director’s cut  is more cerebral leaving much more of the story open to interpretation.

The Production


A Dystopian World

“The Wasteland” was the first post-apocalyptic story for SkyGate Studios.  Tremendous detail went into the depiction of a world in disarray.

The locations, props and costumes needed to reflect a dilapidated existance.  But the task of scouting and securing abandoned locations was daunting.  More than 20 locations were considered unitl finally 1 house stood out from the rest.

What couldn’t be captured in lens we created in computer.  As with most SkyGate films, visual effects and sound design broadened the story and the believability of the world the characters were in.

Project Requirements



+ Consultation
+ Project Outline and Treatments
+ Scripting  & Stroyboarding
+ Creative Development
+ Budget Estimates
+ Project Scheduling


+ General Contracting
+ Production Schedules
+ Production Coordination
+ Creative Development
+ Brand Continuity
+ Location Scouting & Releases
+ Casting


+ Project & Team Management
+ Studio/Equipment Rental
+ Budget Management
+ Media Releases
+ Location Management
+ Art Direction
+ Filming & Production Execution


+ Editorial
+ Sound Design
+ Animation
+ Graphics Package
+ Color Grading
+ DVD development
+ DVD Authoring

Service Highlights


One house was perfect inside, a different house was better for the exterior.  And then there were the woods, creeks and a church hidden within the hills. They were all woven together to depict a singular journey.


Dystopian costuming is about survival.  They should also looked piecemealed, is if thrown together in an urgent situation. Worn out and layered, they’re designed to reflect the condition of the characters.

Visual Effects

From adding vines and moss to building facades to seeing collapsed skyscrapers and world-wide power failures from space; despite finding the perfect locations, touches like these add epic scope to the context of The Wasteland.

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Image Gallery

Screenshots and photos from the production of “The Wasteland”.




Ed Lowry

John Scott

Jim Linsley

Cameron Lowry


Director of Photography:
Scott Edge

Visual Effects:
H. Keith Hamilton

Scott Edge

Scott Edge, Aaron Paulus, Nathan Paulus, Brooke Duszota

Make-Up / Hair:
Brooke Duszota

1st Assistant Director:
Nolan Dean

Sound Mixer:
Doug Osborn

1st Assistant Camera:
Nolan Dean

H. Keith Hamilton

Brent Bailey

Will Scott

Production Assistants:
Takayla Porchia, Kyle Rostro, Zack Brown, Kenia Solo

Post-Production Facility:
SkyGate Studios

Sound Design:
Scott Edge

Scott Edge, H. Keith Hamilton

Color Correction:
H. Keith Hamilton

Teaching Unit

Nathan Bollinger

Executive Producer:
Aaron Paulus

Graham Ward, Nathan Bollinger, Aaron Paulus, Evan David

Dan Jarvis

Shane Black

Graham Ward

Sound Designer:
Graham Ward

Make-Up / Hair:
Elissa Thompson

Production Assistant:
Carter Warn

Liza Hartman

Graphic Design:
Liza Hartman, Haley Heath, Austin Loveing

Script Supervisor:
Kim Adams

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