The Wasteland:

Director’s Cut

2015 • Faith/Dystopian/Drama • 25 Min

The director’s cut presents the 5-part mini-series as one film.

After being knocked unconcious during an earthquake, a man awakens in an abandoned house with no memory of who he is, where he is or why he is there.  As he searches the house for answers, mysterious things begin to happen and his journey through the wasteland begins…

Scott Edge

Executive Producer:
Aaron Paulus

Brooke Duszota, Nathan Paulus

Cast: Ed Lowry, John Scott, Jim Linsley, Cameron Lowry

the Film


Dust & Abandonment

The Wasteland is a prodigal son story set in a post-apocolyptic world.  It embraces the elements of dust and abandonment to depict a faith or purpose that has been neglected.  It is ultimately a story about how something lost and broken can be found and restored.

A fallen world.  A neglected house.  A forgotten life.  A locked door.  A hidden message.  A mysterious power.  A direction discovered.  A journey begins…

The Director's Cut...

Originally a 5-part teaching series, “The Wasteland: Director’s Cut” combines all 5 episodes into one film experience.

The director’s cut is more experimental and open to interpretation.  The film leaves it up to the viewer to personalize the allegorical nature of the story.  

What is your wasteland?

Explore The 5-Part Series

Watch the episodic version of the “The Wasteland” as seen by hundreds-of-thousands around the world.

The Production


A Dystopian World

“The Wasteland” was the first post-apocalyptic story for SkyGate Studios.  Tremendous detail went into the depiction of a world in disarray.

The locations, props and costumes needed to reflect a dilapidated existance.  But the task of scouting and securing abandoned locations was daunting.  More than 20 locations were considered unitl finally 1 house stood out from the rest.

What couldn’t be captured in lens we created in computer.  As with most SkyGate films, visual effects and sound design broadened the story and the believability of the world the characters were in.


One house was perfect inside, a different house was better for the exterior.  And then there were the woods, creeks and a church hidden within the hills. They were all woven together to depict a singular journey.


Dystopian costuming is about survival.  They should also looked piecemealed, is if thrown together in an urgent situation. Worn out and layered, they’re designed to reflect the condition of the characters.

Visual Effects

From adding vines and moss to building facades to seeing collapsed skyscrapers and world-wide power failures from space; despite finding the perfect locations, touches like these add epic scope to the context of The Wasteland.

Image Gallery

Screenshots and photos from the production of “The Wasteland”.




Ray: Ed Lowry Ichabod: John Scott Father: Jim Linsley Boy: Cameron Lowry


Director of Photography: Scott Edge Visual Effects: H. Keith Hamilton Editor: Scott Edge Producer: Scott Edge, Aaron Paulus, Nathan Paulus, Brooke Duszota Make-Up / Hair: Brooke Duszota 1st Assistant Director: Nolan Dean Sound Mixer: Doug Osborn 1st Assistant Camera: Nolan Dean D.I.T.: H. Keith Hamilton Gaffer: Brent Bailey Grip: Will Scott Production Assistants: Takayla Porchia, Kyle Rostro, Zack Brown, Kenia Solo Post-Production Facility: SkyGate Studios Sound Design: Scott Edge Graphics/Animation: Scott Edge, H. Keith Hamilton Color Correction: H. Keith Hamilton

Teaching Unit

Director: Nathan Bollinger Executive Producer: Aaron Paulus Producers: Graham Ward, Nathan Bollinger, Aaron Paulus, Evan David Writer: Dan Jarvis Teacher: Shane Black Editor: Graham Ward Sound Designer: Graham Ward Make-Up / Hair: Elissa Thompson Production Assistant: Carter Warn Photography: Liza Hartman Graphic Design: Liza Hartman, Haley Heath, Austin Loveing Script Supervisor: Kim Adams

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