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“The Art of Marriage” video event weaves together insightful teaching, real-life stories, dramatic film, humorous vignettes and more to portray both the challenges and the beauty of God’s design for marriage.

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The first of its kind...

FamilyLife came to SkyGate Studios to help develop a dynamic new approach to small group video curriculum.  An exploritoy proof-of-concept went into production testing various theories of approach.  The outcome proved a montage of teaching elements mixed with vairous forms of storytelling worked!  The production blueprints were in place and “The Art of Marriage” became the first of it’s kind.

Led by SkyGate Studios, “The Art of Marriage” was the culmination of a massive collaborative effort, coordinating production companies acround the country to create over 400 minutes of content.  From short films, vignettes and animation, to diverse teaching segments and interviews “The Art of Marriage” brought something for everyone.

“The Art of Marriage” has gone on to become one of the most successful projects in FamilyLife’s history as it has been translated into multiple languages and seen by millions worldwide.

Project Requirements



+ Consultation
+ Project Outline and Treatments
+ Scripting  & Stroyboarding
+ Creative Development
+ Budget Estimates
+ Project Scheduling


+ General Contracting
+ Production Schedules
+ Production Coordination
+ Creative Development
+ Brand Continuity
+ Location Scouting & Releases
+ Casting


+ Project & Team Management
+ Studio/Equipment Rental
+ Budget Management
+ Media Releases
+ Location Management
+ Art Direction
+ Filming & Production Execution


+ Editorial
+ Sound Design
+ Animation
+ Graphics Package
+ Color Grading
+ DVD development
+ DVD Authoring

Service Highlights

Films & Story

Over 15 cinematic films fundamentally applied or set up the teaching content.  Each one required the full process: scripts, storyboards, casting, production coordination, editorial and sound design for complete mastering.

Animation & Graphics

From opening title sequences for each session to a comprehensive graphic package with transitions and graphical templates, the motif for The Art of Marriage was defined by SkyGate Studios and inspired the branding for the series.

Teaching & Profiles

SkyGate Studios coordinated production companies from around the country to aquire all of the interviews.  Personal stories and teaching montages kept the heart in The Art of Marriage.

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The Art of Marriage: Debut Event

This video recaps the screening event that debuted FamilyLife’s new video conference experience!



Receiving Your Mate

Teaching pastor and directional leader, Jeff Schulte, compares his experiences as a wide receiver in football to the fundamentals of loving your mate.

The Counselor

One of the most recognizable short films from the series.  “The Counselor” is about a couple trying to figure out who the problem is.

Series Opener

Sweeping cinematography, visual effects and animation combine in this opening vignette that teases the content ahead.  Video was seemlessly matted to blank canvases while a camera soars through an art studio.



Executive Producers
Bob Lepine & John Majors

Creative Director
Scott Edge

Bob Lepine, Scott Edge, John Evans, Cory Niemchick

SkyGate Studios, Storytelling Pictures, Rizon Media, Vinegar Hill

DVD Authoring
SkyGate Studios

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