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Written and Directed by Scott Edge

“The Christmas Tree Story” is a wonderful, Seussical, whimsical tale that reclaims one of the most beloved holiday traditions, the Christmas tree, as a meaningful symbol of life: both before and after salvation.

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Paperback • E-book
Written by: Scott Edge with Bill Elliff
Illustrations by: Aven Edge & Scott Edge




Digital • DVD
2017 • Family/Animation • 17 minutes
Written & Directed: Scott Edge


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Paperback • E-book • Digital • DVD


Believing will change how you see things…

The Story


WHAT IF the Christmas Tree tells of a wonderful story, a story of dreams and brokenness, of faith and salvation, of life and eternity… YOUR story!

“The Christmas Tree Story” is a relatable allegory full of rhymes and whimsy about a lonely tree rooted in a dark forest who longs for a more meaningful life, a life much deeper than his roots could ever provide him. One day he is found and carried home to a house full of light to become a Christmas tree! With his new base and decorations, he is now renewed and transformed! As he thinks about his journey to this point, he notices a cross on the wall and quickly realizes that all the decorations symbolically represents much more than anyone ever imagined. “The Christmas Tree Story” reclaims this beloved tradition and decoration as a powerful symbol of life before and after salvation.

For God is revealed throughout all of creation,​

So even a TREE can bring deep revelation.

About the Book

“The Christmas Tree Story” book is beautifully illustrated and fun to read with its whimsical rhymes. The imaginative drawings and crisp colors will capture the attention of children young and old!

About the Movie

The illustrations from the book come alive in this beautifully animated and musically rich short film!  The film is a cinematic telling of the popular family book seen through the wondrous eyes of a little girl named Emily (Aven Edge), whose imagination takes over as her father (Scott Edge) reads her “The Christmas Tree Story” on Christmas Eve. 

Why This
Book + Movie?


Christmas is about Christ… so why not also a Christmas tree? “The Christmas Tree Story” is an attempt to help you and your children reclaim a beautiful, enduring symbol of the season: The Christmas Tree! 

The book and movie turn decorating the Christmas tree into a relatable story. From cutting it down and bringing it home, to raising it up in its new stand, to placing every piece of decoration on its branches, the Christmas tree story reclaims the Christmas tree as a picture of Christian life–both before and after salvation. You and your children will think of your personal walk with Christ every time you see a Christmas tree. More importantly, this is a story you can share with others that will forever change what they see as well when they look at the Christmas tree.


To be so much more than a symbol of Christmas,

This tree longed to shine to point others to Jesus!

Parts of
The Christmas Tree


The Christmas tree goes far beyond decoration,

Revealing a story of life and salvation!





Book Authors

Scott Edge

Scott Edge


Filmmaker, author, and founder of SkyGate Studios in Little Rock, Arkansas, Scott has been telling stories for large audiences for over 15 years. Inspired by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, his passion is to provide metaphorical perspectives on timeless truths. “The Christmas Tree Story” is his second children’s book. He and his wife Amber have two children.

Bill Elliff

Bill Elliff


Directional Pastor of The Summit Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, Bill is a frequent conference speaker, writer, and consultant to churches, drawing from his 42+ years of pastoring and revival ministry. He and his wife Holly have eight children.

Movie Cast & Crew


Dad: Scott Edge Emily: Aven Edge


Written and Directed by: Scott Edge Based on the Book by: Scott Edge with Bill Elliff Produced by: The Summit Church Edited by: Kyle Uptergrove Scott Edge Visual Effects: H. Keith Hamilton Animation: Scott Edge Director of Photography: Kyle Uptergrove Gaffer: Justin Farley Production Assistants: Trevor Cook Lukas Arnold Kurt Kamphausen Hudson Jones

Special Thanks:

Joey and Treva Phelps Amber Edge Capillya Uptergrove

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