Graphics Packages

Supporting graphics: lower-thirds, transitions, and more.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest: When Seconds Count


SkyGate Studios created a graphics package with a heart monitor motif for this educational series.


Sells Agency

A graphics package was produced based on the printed materials of this child behavior management system.

Managing the Message

Karrh & Associates

A graphics package was created for a SkyGate-produced promo as well as for the client to use on their website or self-produced videos.


40th Anniversary Staff Conference


For this live conference, SkyGate designed graphics with the old-time barn and picture frame motif seen in the 40th Anniversary image video.

Music in Arkansas: Origins


A variety of reusable elements and unique animations were created for this educational series.

The Made from Scratch Life

Harvest House

SkyGate Studios created a variety of graphics with a DIY motif for an online series based on the book The Made from Scratch Life.

Pure in Heart Conference

Revive Our Hearts

SkyGate Studios created a magical, whimsical graphics package for this conference for tween girls and their moms, grandmothers, and mentors.

Everybody's a Critic

SkyGate Studios

A variety of reusable graphics and unique animations were created for this series.

From Your Kitchen to Mine

SkyGate Studios

A variety of reusable graphics and unique animations mixing live-action and digital elements were created for this series.




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