Gate 25

2013 • Faith/Fantasy/Drama/Comedy • 27 minutes

At an airport one Christmas Eve, lives connect in the most unlikely ways as a flight delay ushers in a series of humorous misadventures, and a whimsical janitor reveals the power of the Christmas story.

Scott Edge

Kyle Uptergrove, John Scott

Scott Edge

Cast: Daniel Byrum, John Scott, Melanie Joy Williams, Twanna Johnson, Jessica Ramsey, Bill Butler, Dave Lewis, Kim Scott, Lee Tuxhorn,, Katy Tuxhorn, Jim Launius, Candyce Hinkle, Jennifer Rogers, Nick Adams

The Film


In a world of arrivals & departures...

“Gate 25” was the first cinematic collabboration between The Summit Church and SkyGate Studios.  The film was written and produced as part of The Summit Church’s 2013 Christmas production.

Set in an airport terminal, the context of how much time we each have on this earth is pulled into focus.  The many storylines of our characters weave together as the relationship between strangers and Christmas is explored.


The Production


A little extra magic!

The unique challenges of “Gate 25” were many, but one of the biggest was transforming a lobby into a believable airport terminal.  Contempory chairs were orderd and a ticket counter for the flight attendants went into construction. Feaux walls were built to hide doorways and fitted with built-in monitors for displaying flight information.

In addition to casting eight leads, “Gate 25” had to depict a bustling airport on Christmas Eve.  On average only 10-15 extras were available for the shoots.  “Gate 25” required creative background action to make ten poeple feel like a hundred!  

The Characters



Passenger. Keeps to himself.

Joe Gabriel

Janitor.  Here to clean up a mess.

Bobby Biltrow

Passenger. Business first.


Passenger. Mother. Very structured.


Flight attendant.  Takes no guff.

Neal Slackburten

Airport security.


Passenger.  Cheery and hopeful.


Passenger.  Very giving.




Jason: Daniel Byrum Bobby Biltrow: John Scott Holly: Melanie Joy Williams Earline: Twanna Johnson Stacia: Jessica Ramsey Joe Gabriel: Bill Butler Neal Slackburten: Dave Lewis Mary: Kim Scott Dave: Lee Tuxhorn Grace: Katy Tuxhorn Olan: Jim Launius Ilene: Candyce Hinkle Julie: Jennifer Rogers Janitor: Nick Adams


Screenplay and Directed by: Scott Edge Story by: Bill Elliff & Scott Edge Music by: Jonh Campbell, Hudson Jones, & Dustin Raney Cinematography: Kyle Uptergrove, Scott Edge, Adam Viera Gaffer: Adam Viera Camera Operators: Adam Viera, Kyle Uptergrove Producers: Kyle Uptergrove, John Scott Associate Producer: Matt Ramsey Casting: John Scott, Scott Edge, Kyle Uptergrove, Pete Lee Photography: Blake Welch, Barb Raney Craft Services: Andi Tedder, Jessica Dowden, Capillya Uptergrove Makeup: Kim Scott Staging and Technical Crew: Chandler Tedder, Cameron Tedder, Daniel Byrum, Justin Farley, Joey Gormley, Jim Timmer, B.J. Stricklin, Caleb Erwin, Drew Baker, Johnny Brickey, Gina Sims Visual Effects: H. Keith Hamilton

Background Talent:

Barbara Jean Savary, Courtney Lewis, Holly Moore, Michelle Tedder, Dana Adams, Melissa Savary, Tiffany Clouse, Monica Clouse, Sarah Clouse, Hudson Jones, Jake Scott, Allie Scott, Cori Scott, Elliot Jones, Dan Morgan, Andi Tedder, Teyerra Ross, Kristen Jackson, Pete Lee, Jessica Elliff, Laura Hart, Cara Erwin

Special Appearance by Bill Elliff

Special Thanks:

Stricklin, Jones, Halloway, Launius, and Graham eGroups

Chick-fil-a, Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR

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