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From Your Kitchen to Mine is a ground breaking cooking show done in a whole new way! Host Tom Hunt prepares culinary creations submitted by the audience.

About The Show!

Everyone remembers that dish a loved one use to make!  We can describe it, the taste, the smells… but most of the time, we have no idea how that bit of culinary TLC was made!  From Your Kitchen To Mine takes that memory meal and cooks it into reality!  Host, Tom Hunt, will take a submission from the audience and try to figure out how to recreate it right before your eyes.  At the end of the show, he’ll share the recipe and invite the views to make improve what he’s done.  

About the Host

Meet Tom!

A teacher, a businessman, a family man, loves people and loves to cook!  For many years, Tom has hosted a popular radio program and now he brings his warm and friendly charm to From Your Kitchen To Mine!  

Like cooking, this show has been a passion project of Tom’s.  In fact, in 2009, a pilot episode was shot and produced!  But social media was not quite where we needed it.  Today, we feel we can create the show we’ve always wanted and we’re excited to bring the show back into development!

Show Opener!

Created in 2009 for the concept episode of From Your Kitchen to Mine.



Created by
Tom Hunt & Scott Edge

Tom Hunt

Creative Director
Scott Edge

SkyGate Studios

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