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By Scott Edge

“Arabella’s Reign: Timeless & Timely” is a collection of six short stories about the woulderous childlike being, Arabella and her miraculous encounters with all people and creatures throughout the world and all of time.

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About the Project

The story of Arabella began as a treatment for a movie concept about the personification of rain.  Part of her development, of course, was understanding who she really was, where she came from and what all she can do.  The more Arabella was understood, the larger her world became.  Ultimately, Arabella became much more than just one story.  She became a legend!  Her character revealed a fantastical mythology full of MANY stories that spanned thousands of years.  With such a rich anthology, it made more sense to unveil Arabella as a collection of short stories in series of books all about her whimsical encounters, the first of which, will explore her timeless and timely nature.

Who is Arabella?



Arabella Tulia Merriweather is a wounderous being.  Her essence is the rain.  Her kingdom is the realm of renewal.  But when it rains while the sun is still shining, she is near.   Everything the rain does for the planet, so Arabella does in the hearts of all who live on it.  She’s the bringer of imagination and the caretaker of forgotten dreams.

We’ve all met Arabella at some point in our lives.  But when dreams are forgotten, we forget about Arabella.  She, however, never forgets about us…

About the Author

Scott Edge

Scott Edge

Filmmaker, author, and founder of SkyGate Studios in Little Rock, Arkansas, Scott has been telling stories for large audiences for over 15 years. Inspired by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, his passion is to provide metaphorical perspectives on timeless truths. He grew up amid the countryside of Ferndale, Arkansas, and he was always creating characters and drawing comics inspired by his surroundings. In fact, it was when he was 10 that he wrote “The Little Acorn.” He and his wife Amber have two children.

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