Title Sequences

Opening and closing sequences for film, series, and live events.

Red Courage: Closing Credits


The camera sweeps across historical articles and photos to tell the story of “Red” Erwin after his brave act to save his aircraft crew.

Tales of the Natural State: Opening Titles


Compelling animation leads the viewer thorough several Arkansas legends to open this AETN show.

The Art of Marriage: Opening Titles


Sweeping cinematography, visual effects, and animation combine in this opening vignette that teases the content ahead. Video was seemlessly matted to blank canvases while a camera soars through an art studio.

The Jester: Closing Credits

SkyGate Studios

Charcoal-like sketches of scenes from the film and stylized typography enhance the closing credits for this short.

Weekend to Remember Session Opener


Quirky animation showcasing conflicts common in marriage opens FamilyLife’s video version of their Weekend to Remember conference.

The Wasteland: Opening Titles

Life Action

Disaster footage, compelling cinematography, photos, and visual effects combine to set the tone for this post-apocalyptic series.

Masterpiece: Closing Credits

SkyGate Studios

Stylized typography, animated backgrounds, and a post-credits scene enhance the closing for this short.

From Your Kitchen to Mine: Opening Titles

SkyGate Studios

The curtain opens on the animated version of this series’ host as he sets the stage for this unique take on a cooking show.


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