The Jester

2011 • Fantasy/Drama • 11 minutes

Banished by the king, the Jester finds himself homeless and without a sense of purpose. In his defeat, he discovers hope in hopelessness through an unlikely connection with two lost children in the forest.

Scott Edge

Scott Edge, Ed Lowry

Ed Lowry

Ed Lowry, Margaret Lowry, Campbell Lowry


The Story


Of Sires & Children...

The story of “The Jester” is really about the helpless and the helpers.  Life at times can feel desperate.  A resulting sense of rejection and loss can often rise up and drown a soul in sorrow and self-pitty.  What can overcome that inward struggle?  

What if that term “the helpless” refers to someone who can help, but doesn’t. A helpless person.  What if self-worth and confidence come about from helping others in need… what if helping others rises above all other needs?

The Production


In the medieval era...

Filmed on location in Little Rock, AR, “The Jester” became the second period-piece short film starring Ed Lowry.  Shot in 2 days, SkyGate Studios once again transports audiences to a world beyond the one they know with relatable context.

Woods, lakes, creeks, ravines and a giant castle (that isn’t really there) served as backdrop to this sweeping story written by long-time collaborator Ed Lowry.


To depict, in-lens, a convencing medieval world required a certain natural aesthetic in our locations.  These were found at Wildwood Park and a scenic valley near the Arkansas River.

Visual Effects

“The Jester” required seemlessly photoreal VFX.  From lighting effects to a giant castle in the distance; from birds and flies to gangrene skin… it all had to be observable but not distracting.

Sound Design

All sound in “The Jester” was completely recreated in post-production.  Folly design, ADR techniques and a library of nature sounds were added to depict the medieval world both inframe and beyond it.

Behind The Scenes


Image Gallery

Screenshots and photos from the production of “The Jester”.




The Jester: Ed Lowry Voice of “The King”: Townsend Coleman Little Girl: Margaret Lowry Little Boy: Campbell Lowry Father: Sam Williams Mother: Lori Barton


Directed by: Scott Edge Written by: Ed Lowry Produced by: Scott Edge and Ed Lowry Director of Photography: Gabe Mayhan Associate Producer: Katie Parker

Art Department:

Costume Designer: Andrea Lowry Make-Up/Hair: Brooke Duszota 1st Assistant Director: Katie Parker Prop Master: Tom Tull

Sound Department:

Sound Mixer: Doug Osborn Boom Operator: Caroline Osborn

Camera + G&E:

CAMERA DEPARTMENT Camera Operator: Nathan Bollinger 1st Assistant Camera: Katie Bollinger Jib Operator: Thomas Rogers ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT Gaffer: Brent Bailey Best Boy: J.C. Cocker Grips: Jonathan Childs Trey Lange Moe Langford Production Assistants: Jackson Lowry Chris Poindexter Miranda Sink Stephanie Stephens Craft Services: Mona Ford


Visual Effects: H. Keith Hamilton Film Editor and Sound Designer: Scott Edge Original Score: John Campbell “Of Sires and Children” Written and Performed by: Jason Truby

Special Thanks:

Diane DeFranco-Kling Debi Manire Deana McCormack Terry Williams Paul Zander Sterling College Theatre Department Fellowship Bible Church Wildwood Park for the Arts, Little Rock, AR

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