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This 8-session, video-based study is designed to not only help parents find new ways to integrate faith into everyday parenting moments, but to also cultivate for the viewers an environment where moms and dads can discuss one another’s day to day parenting journey.

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Three For Three...

The Art of Parenting is the third series from FamilLife entrusted to SkyGate Studios.  In this docu-film-teaching seriesDennis & Barbara Rainey weave a storyline of their own that threads an allstar roster of contributing experts throughout the 8-part series.  

Production Notes


Featuring beautifully composed shots of a fletcher crafting an arrow, the creative motif of the series was inspired by Psalm 127:4 which compares children to arrows.

Animation & Graphics PKG

In continuity with the branding of the series, the artestry of SkyGate rendered beautiful animations for the graphics package and bible verses featured in the series.

Sound Design and Mastering

Unlike previous series, The Art of Parenting did not have an original score. Rather, SkyGate rearranged the stems from the Like Arrows theme song and movie to create over 100 variations to bed the series.

“Like Arrows”

Like Arrows was a feature film made specifically for The Art of Parenting.  The film ushered in a hit song by the same name written and performed by Grammy nominated artist Matt Hammitt.

Like Arrows: Theatrical Trailer

Like Arrows was a feature film produced by Alex & Stephen Kendrick as part of FamilyLife’s Art of Parenting™.  SkyGate Studios created the theatrical trailers for the camapaign.

Like Arrows: Music Video

Written and performed by Grammy nominated artist, Matt Hammitt, the Like Arrows music video was produced by SkyGate Studios and directed by Scott Edge.



Session Intro


Featuring beautifully composed shots of a fletcher crafting an arrow the session openers were inspired by Psalm 127:4.

Kids on Parenting

Recurring Bit

Kids are asked insightful questions about parenting as their parent’s secretly watch in another room via a hidden camera.

"Michael Jr., I Was Wondering..."

Recurring Bit

Comedian Michael Jr. opens the floor to his audience to ask him anything, but there’s just one simple rule…



Executive Producers
Bob Lepine

Creative Director
Scott Edge

Bob Lepine, Scott Edge, Ed Lowry

Series Production & Mastering
SkyGate Studios

Feature Film Production
Pro-Family Films

DVD Authoring
SkyGate Studios

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