Hark the Harold

2014 • Drama/Comedy/Faith • 39 minutes

When Harold’s wife died just before Christmas one year ago, he hid away all her Christmas decorations and unopened presents.  Ever since, Harold became absent as a father, leaving his eldest daughter, Becca, to fill in the gaps.  When Harold begins sleepwalking to the steps of his attic every night, he realizes he has a choice to make: Face the things hidden away in the attic or allow his family to deteriorate.

Scott Edge

Capillya Uptergrove, Kyle Uptergrove, Bill Elliff

Scott Edge

Michael Phelps, Libby Harrington, with Dave Lewis and John Scott

About the Film


Lost in the past...

“Hark the Harold” was the second short film written and produced for the Summit Church as part of their 2014 Christmas production.

The film addresses the loss and absense of loved ones around the holidays and explores the question: How do I move on?

The Characters


Harold Cash

Character description here.

Billy Cash

Harold’s adopted son.

Rebecca Cash

Harold’s eldest daughter.


Tommy’s best friend.


Rebecca’s boyfriend.


Harold’s neighbor. Owns a petting zoo.

Tommy Cash

Harold’s son.

Margaret Cash

Youngest daughter and sibling.




Harold – Michael Phelps
Becca – Libby Harrington
Johnny – Dave Lewis
Tommy – Ethan Edge
Billy – Jeremy Elmquist
Jimmy – Sean Kangas
Margaret – Harmony Skinner
Martha – Nicole Capri
Ralph – John Scott
Adrienne – Twanna Johnson
Santa – Rich Browning
Baby Jesus – Liam Lewis
Rudy Roo Roo the Kangaroo


Written & Directed by:
Scott Edge

Capillya Uptergrove, Kyle Uptergrove  and Bill Elliff

Kyle Uptergrove

Audio and Gaffer:
Doug Osborne

Casting and Costumes:
John Scott

Brooke Duszota

Camera Assistants:
Justin Farley
Matt Ramsey

Production Crew:
Blake Welch
Chandler Tedder
Hudson Jones
Ben Gipson
Josh Smith

Set Design:
Kyle Uptergrove
Justin Farley
Caleb Erwin
Justin Hinrichs

John Campbell
Josh Rousseau
Pete Lee

Edited by:
Kyle Uptergrove and Scott Edge

Scott Edge and Keith Hamilton

Background Talent:

Chanté Moy
Roland Moy
Denaya Rogers
Allie Scott
Cori Scott
Dakota Scott
Monte Kangas
Hudson Jones
Dan Morgan
Blake Welch
Courtney Lewis
Elliot Jones
Krissy Jones
Lee Grissom
Kim Scott
Morgan Johnson
Aven Edge
Grayson Bates
Karsyn Helms

Special Thanks:

Janice Cockrill and Cockrill’s Country Critters
Danny and Clara Jones
John and Kim Scott
Scott and Amber Edge
Brad and Becky Uptergrove
Cornerstone Bible Church
Maverick Transportation
Summit Conway and Little Rock eGroups

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