Dennis & Barbara

2018 • Faith/Documentary • 22m

For more than 42 years the Rainey’s have invested their lives in helping marriages and families thrive.  This is their story; how they met, how they lived and how one home changed the world.

Writer, Director:
Bob Lepine

Bob Lepine, Scott Edge

Scott Edge

Bob Lepine, Dennis Rainey, Barbara Rainey

The project


A lifetime in the making...

“Dennis & Barbara: How One Home Changed the World” debuted In July of 2018 at a gala event called “To God Be The Glory”. 

In 2018, Dennis Rainey stepped down as president of FamilyLife and co-host of the globally syndicated radio program FamilyLife today. The documentary was created to not celebrate Dennis and Barbara’s tenure at FamilyLife but to also honor their journey as husband and wife and ultimately their legacy as parents and grandparents.

The production


Where to begin...

It was a delicate undertaking balancing the personal stories of Dennis & Barbara with the simultaneous telling of FamilyLife’s ministry growth.  The project included gathering and digitizing old photos, 8mm and VHS home movies as well as accumulating and organizing 40 years of archived Cru and FamilyLife media. 

In the end, all the assets were weaved together using narration (Bob Lepine), montage techniques, interviews, animation and visual effects. Unique cover shots were filmed to execute a cinematic motif for the documentary with a supporting graphics package to incorporated the branding elements of the gala event.

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